Steven Lane Consulting, LLC

We offer the following testing services in our GMP laboratory:

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, USP <51>  (Test Code: APET and APETVAL)

Microbial Enumeration Tests, USP <61> (Test Code: USP61)
Tests for Specified Organisms, USP <62> (Test Code: USP62)
Microbial Enumeration (supplements), USP <2021> (Test Code: USP2021)
Tests for Specified Organisms (supplements), USP <2022> (Test Code: USP 2022)

Microbial, Yeast, and Mold Identification (Test Code: M-ID)
Antibiotic Potency Assay (microbial) USP <81> (Test Code: USP 81)
Bacterial Endotoxin Test, USP  <85> (Test Code: ENDO)
Total Organic Carbon Analysis, USP  <643> (Test Code: TOC)
Water Conductivity, USP <645> (Test Code: COND)
pH, USP <791> (Test Code: pH791)
Bioburden by Membrane Filtration, USP <1231> (Test Code: BIO1231)
Bioburden by Plate Count, USP <1227> (Test Code: BIO1227)
Bioburden Testing available for Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria, Coliforms, and Fungi
Sterility, USP <71> (Test Code: STER71)
Sterility (Bacteriostasis + Fungistasis) <71> (Test Code: STER71BF)

Disinfectant Efficacy, ASTM E1054-02 + ASTM E1153-03, USP <1072> +<1227> (Test Code: DISEFF)
USP Growth Promotion Testing of Media, USP <61>, <71>, <1116> (Test Code: USP-GP)
Environmental Monitoring, USP, ISO ICH  (Test Code: EMON)

*Please inquire if you require a test that is not listed here.  We have a group of highly educated and trained scientists who are experts in many types of analysis techniques.